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For-a-fee programs, to count or not to count

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March 19, 2014




Nicolle Steffen (CO)


We have a library that offers both free and for-a-fee programs (fees usually cover the cost of materials or other expenses). The director wanted to know if she can count the programs that charge a fee or  should she only report free programs in her PLS data.


I’d never really consider this point. Have you? What do you advise your libraries?


Any and all input is greatly appreciated.


SDC Comments


Susan Mark (WY)


I'd count them if it's something where the fee is just to cover costs.


If the event is actually a fundraiser, no.


Diana Very (GA)


I agree.


Scott Dermont (IA)


We don’t differentiate between fee based or free programs. The program still needs to meet our definition. You could possibly call a fund raiser an entertainment or educational opportunity depending on what is done. I know that many libraries here have been doing a trivia night style fundraiser. I would probably let them count something like that.

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