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TechSoup Information

Page history last edited by Marisa Pelczar 4 years, 3 months ago

Information for TechSoup, E-Rate for Libraries who need a FSCS ID before the submission period, and information for those new libraries that have a FSCS ID for data submitted the first time in PLS Web Portal but are not yet in the IMLS Look Up FSCS IDs Data Lens https://data.imls.gov/Public-Libraries-Survey/Main-Libraries-Branches-and-Bookmobiles-FY-2014-Pu/f6z9-77hs.


Please remember that IMLS Look Up FSCS IDs Data Lens includes the most recent released data so in some cases TechSoup would not have information on libraries that would have opened 1 1/2 - 2 years prior to this year.



Assignment of new FSCS IDs:


AIR will assign a FSCS ID ahead of the PLS submission for libraries that need the ID for E-rate, TechSoup, or any other program that requires the FSCS IDs.  It is not necessary for the public library to have a FSCS ID for E-Rate.  I verified this on 3/7/2012 with the E-Rate Help Desk (888-203-8100 - case # 22-336820).   Verified again on 2/26/14 (case # 22-595864) - Kim. 




For libraries who need a FSCS ID before the submission period.  SDCs can send an email to Marisa Pelczar, mpelczar@imls.govestablishing the library‚Äôs existence (a future or out of data cycle library) with its name, address and other pertinent information (new-date open, if known: telephone, fax, web address; future-approximate date to open and if any other information is known). Please state whether this library is a new Administrative Entity (AE) or an outlet  (and what AE it falls under).  IMLS will forward the information to AIR who will assign a FSCS ID for the library.  AIR will contact the SDC by email with the FSCS ID of the new library.  


For TechSoup: The SDC will send a State Library letter to the library, and the library will submit the letter with their information and newly assigned FSCS ID to TechSoup.  TechSoup will not accept an email.  They will only accept an official letter from the State Library. 


New libraries that received a FSCS ID when data was submitted in the PLS Web Portal, but the data is not yet in the IMLS PLS Search tool or Data Catalog, will also need a letter from the State Library with the same information: its name, address and other pertinent information (date open, telephone, fax, web address; and assigned FSCS ID).  If you do not know the FSCS ID you can find it by logging into WebPLUS or contacting IMLS (Marisa: tele. 202-653-4647, mpelczar@imls.gov) for the information.


Please address the letter to:

James Pellechia

Library Account Manager




Addtional information:

Phone: 800-659-3579 ext. 1335

Fax: 415-633-9444 


TechSoup for Libraries web site:  http://techsoupforlibraries.org/



AIR will maintain a list of libraries with newly assigned FSCS IDs.  SDCs should also keep a list of their newly assigned libraries.  This process should prevent a library with a new FSCS ID from getting another FSCS ID. 








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Kim Miller said

at 8:03 pm on Oct 23, 2009

Process for acquiring a new FSCS ID is also for E-Rate (although the FSCS ID is not mandatory for the application) and any other items that may ask for a FSCS ID.

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