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PLS Data Files available on other sites

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IMLS is excited to announce that the Public Libraries and State Library Agency (StLA) Survey data is now available on Data.gov.  Data.gov has a catalog of “raw” data available from agencies under the U.S. Federal Executive Branch.  “The purpose of Data.gov is to increase public access to high value, machine readable datasets generated by the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.”


The IMLS datasets include PLS FY1992-FY2007 and StLA Survey FY2006-FY2007.  The datasets will be updated annually upon availability.


“Data.gov offers data in three ways: through the "raw" data catalog, using tools and through the geodata catalog.  The "Raw" Data Catalog provides an instant download of machine readable, platform-independent datasets while the Tools Catalog provides hyperlinks to tools that allow you to mine datasets.”   There is search capability by keywords, by single/multiple category, and by single/multiple agency.  The IMLS datasets are listed under the “Social Insurance and Human Services” single/multiple category.





GPS Devices


The PLS FY2007 data file as been uploaded to the POI-Factory (Points of Interest) for download to GPS devices.  You must have a login/password account in order to download this file.  The file format is in .csv.  You can open the file in Excel and extract just your state or however many libraries you want and save as another .csv file.  In order to load the file onto a Garmin device you will need the POI loader software.  The POI PLS file contains longitude/latitude, name of library, address, phone number, FSCS ID number.  Other GPS devices might require a different type file other than .csv. 



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