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Committee History

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December 2008 - The new Library Statistics Working Group established. 

The Library Statistics Working Group consists of five Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA), five SDCs and five members representing data users, research community, and representatives of relevant library associations.  The Working Group replaced separate steering committees for the public library and state library surveys.  The Working Group will meet twice a year with bi-monthly conference calls.


Working Group members will help to ensure that the collection of public library and state library data in the United States continues to have 1) relevance to policy issues, 2) credibility among data users and 3) trust among data providers.


LSWG Wiki:  http://lswg.wikispaces.com/


Working Group Meeting Notes  http://lswg.wikispaces.com/Meetings  


Library Statistics Working Group members:  http://lswg.wikispaces.com/Members




Public Library Survey (FSCS Steering Committee, PLSC Steering Committee) Committee 1990-2008

Information on members of the LSWG (2008-current) 


History FSCS Steering Committee & LSWG members.pdf

Chronology Steering Committee - LSWG 1988 to present.pdf


Former Steering Committee Bylaws   Bylaws2006.pdf 


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