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Clarification on Audio Downloadables

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July 30, 2008


Susan Vittitow, WY:


Before I finalize my Bibliostat instructions/testing, I just need to make sure I'm understanding the new downloadables count.


As of June 30, Wyoming libraries had 2,038 downloadable audio titles available through NetLibrary eAudiobooks. These were linked into the OPAC, so as I understand it, these are counted under the new guidelines.


Here is where I'm confused -- do they count these titles at the system level or at the branch level? So, for example, Laramie County Library System has two branches. If we count the downloadable audio at the system level, we have 2,038. If we count it at the branch level, we have 6,114. 


It's my understanding we count it at the branch level, but I wanted to confirm.


Additional Comments:

Juan Lee, UT

I had assumed it was at the system level, since you are reporting total number of items for the administrative entity. The NetLibrary items just "happen" to be available to every patron in the system, regardless of what branch they use. Still, I may be wrong and would like to hear what others are doing. Great question!


Alan Zimmerman, WI

For Wisconsin I report at the library level so I would report 2,038, not 20,380 for a library with 10 branches.


Grace Kelly, NY

In New York, we have 23 public library systems, each of which has "member" libraries that are separate legal entities chartered by the NYS Board of Regents or created by an act of the NYS Legislature.  Some of our systems provide titles system-wide but each of the member libraries has the option of subscribing and if they so choose, they offer the titles individually to their own patrons, separately and distinctly from other member libraries in the same system.  And then, some member libraries have branches.  The items are not multiplied by the number of branches.  However, the member libraries do count the titles for the purpose of their own annual reports.  The systems file entirely different reports.


Lynn Shurden, MS

I agree with Al.  It's just the same as the number of databases that are available state-wide through the libraries.  We only count these at the system level and not the branch level. If we count one way for one thing, then it should be the same for all.


Frank Nelson , ID

Question: Do we count the number of downloadable audios and videos available via the catalog and multiply by the number of outlets in the system?


Suggestion:  Let’s not. Let’s just add the number of titles available to the administrative entity. Collection elements 450-453 already allow a title count as an alternative to volume count for “small” libraries. Let’s make use of that option for now.  We can formalize it in December.


While it may still be appropriate to count duplicates for print items and physical units, and perhaps even for some electronic subscriptions, it really makes no sense to inflate holdings figures by duplicating the downloadables available to the administrative entity by whatever means, especially where the list of available titles is the same for everyone in a state or a consortium because of a group contract.


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