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712 Number of Bookmobiles in the Bookmobile Outlet Record

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 1 month ago
712 Number of Bookmobiles in the Bookmobile Outlet Record
The number of bookmobiles in the bookmobile outlet
Note: A bookmobile outlet record may include one or
more bookmobiles. Complete this data element only if the
outlet record is of the type BS—Bookmobile(s) (see outlet
data element #709). A bookmobile is a traveling branch
library. It consists of at least all of the following:
1. A truck or van that carries an organized collection
of library materials;
2. A paid staff; and
3. Regularly scheduled hours (bookmobile stops) for
being open to the public. Count vehicles in use,
not the number of stops the vehicle makes.


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