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709 Outlet Type Code

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 12 months ago
709 Outlet Type Code
An outlet is a unit of an administrative entity that provides
direct public library service.
Select one of the following:
BM—Books-by-Mail Only. A direct mail order service
which provides books and other library materials. Booksby-
mail typically serves rural residents, the disabled, the
homebound, and others without access to another type of
public library outlet. Requests for materials are usually
received by mail and by telephone only. Only books-bymail
services that are housed separately from any other
type of direct public service outlet (that is, central library,
branches, or bookmobiles) should be coded here.
BR—Branch Library. A branch library is an auxiliary unit
of an administrative entity which has at least all of the following:
1. Separate quarters;
2. An organized collection of library materials;
3. Paid staff; and
4. Regularly scheduled hours for being open to the
BS—Bookmobile(s). A bookmobile is a traveling branch
library. It consists of at least all of the following:
1. A truck or van that carries an organized collection
of library materials;
2. A paid staff; and
3. Regularly scheduled hours (bookmobile stops) for
being open to the public.
Note: A separate outlet record may be created for each
bookmobile. You may wish to create separate outlet
records for individual bookmobiles if (1) they have different
addresses and/or (2) they have different Metropolitan
Status Codes (see outlet data element #710).
Alternatively, a bookmobile outlet record may include
more than one bookmobile.
CE—Central Library. This is one type of single outlet
library (SO) or the library which is the operational center
of a multiple-outlet library (MO or MA). Usually all
processing is centralized here and the principal collections
are housed here. Synonymous with main library.
Note: Each administrative entity may report either no
central library or one central library. No administrative
entity may report more than one central library. If you
wish to identify a central library in the outlet file, identify
the library with the largest collection as the central library
for FSCS purposes, and report all others as branches.
Where there are several co-equal outlets and no principal
collection, report all such outlets as branches, not central


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