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651 Number of Uses (Sessions) of Public Internet Computers Per Year

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651 Number of Uses (Sessions) of Public Internet Computers Per Year


Report the total number of uses (sessions) of the library's  Internet computers in the library during the last year.  If the computer is used for multiple purposes (Internet access, word-processing, OPAC, etc.) and Internet uses (sessions) cannot be isolated, report all usage.  A typical week or other reliable estimate may be used to determine the annual number.  Sign-up forms or Web-log tracking software also may provide a reliable count of  uses (sessions).


Note: This count includes only the library’s Internet computers. Do not include wifi access using nonlibrary computers. The number of uses (sessions) may be counted manually, using registration logs. Count each use (session) for public internet computers, regardless of the amount of time spent on the computer.  A use (session)  on the library’s public internet computer(s)three times a year would count as three uses (sessions). Software such as “Historian” can also be used to track the number of uses (sessions) at each public internet computer. If the data element is collected as a weekly figure, multiply that figure by 52 to annualize it.


Changed &/or clarified for FY2012 for those states able to collect. All states to collect for FY2013 survey. 







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