209 Number of Central Libraries


209 Number of Central Libraries


This is one type of single outlet library (SO) or the library, which

is the operational center of a multiple-outlet library (MO or MA).

Usually all processing is centralized here and the principal collections

are housed here. Synonymous with main library.


Note: Each administrative entity may report either no central

library or one central library. No administrative entity may report

more than one central library. In the administrative entity file, this

simply means reporting “0” or “1” for central library. Where two

or more libraries are considered “centrals” for state or local

purposes, one central library and one or more branch libraries

should be reported to PLSC. If you wish to identify a central

library in the outlet file, identify the library with the largest

collection as the central library for PLSC purposes, and report all

others as branches. Where there are several co-equal outlets

and no principal collection, report all such outlets as branches,

not central libraries.