Freegal "Movies"



January 13, 2014




Lisa Hickle (OH)


Hi Everyone,

We’ve had a call from one of our libraries inquiring how to report Freegal “movies”.  My thought was that we should report as we do Freegal and Freading (database and do not count circulation), however we wanted to see what others are doing since the videos expire after 48 hours/there is simultaneous use of the videos and patrons are limited to 3 downloads per week.


Thanks for your feedback!!


SDC Comments


Jamie McCanless (WI)


Sounds like this qualifies as e-video units and e-video uses to me.


Terry Blauvelt (MO)


We count Freegal as a database, since the libraries subscribe to the service/access and do not select any of the units for their patrons.


Scott Dermont (IA)


My current model when looking at these things is to call it a database if the library does not select the titles. Without being more familiar with this service, I would probably call it a database, unless the libraries are responsible for content.


Frank Nelson (ID)


I’d call it a “freebase” if that didn’t have such a bad connotation.


Nicolle Steffen (CO)