Data Element Definitions Committee

Definitions Committee recommendations

Discussions, resources and recommendations for the interpretation of existing data elements and the consideration of new data elements.


2015 Definitions Committee work

Discussions and documents for the issues discussed in 2015 (post 2014 Annual SDC Conference)



Mentor leaders




Committee Charge

  1.  When SDCs request clarifications on data elements between the annual meetings, the Data Definitions Committee will review the options and make a recommendation. This recommendation will be made after:
      • Polling the SDC community to see if there is a consensus
      • Reviewing the data element definition carefully
      • Conferring & coming to an agreement within the committee
      • Recommendations will be posted on the wiki.
  2.  When the committee believes that a needed clarification rises to the level of inclusion in the official definition, it will propose a data element change at the December conference.
  3. The committee will monitor discussions of data elements on the SDC discussion list and post summaries on the wiki where needed.
  4. The committee will compile resources for best practices in data collection for the PLSC.
  5. The committee will review all data element changes proposed by SDCs thoroughly and comment as a committee.


The committee expects that there will continue to be free and open discussion on the SDC list.


Committee Composition

The committee shall consist of two SDCs serving as mentors and five state data coordinators. Preferably, one SDC will be recruited from each mentor's region. If there are no volunteers from one region, an SDC may be recruited from another region. Where more than one person volunteers from a mentor group, the representative for that mentor group shall be chosen at random from the volunteers.