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Question about Temporary Closures

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September 11, 2013




Scott Dermont (IA)


I have a library that is expanding its current location, but during the construction process they have moved to a temporary facility. They still have the same mailing address, but they do have a new physical location. I’ve told them to change their physical address until they move back to the permanent location. I have also asked them to report their temporary square footage. Does that coincide with what other states do in this situation?


Thank you for the help.


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Michael Golrick (LA)


That is what I have done. There are codes for that (and of course, I had just put my book away….)


Look at page 123.


Eleanor Bernau (NM)



A NM library had a similar, but not exactly the same, situation.  The children’s section was moved to a temporary, separate building while renovation/expansion was going on throughout the library.


For future reference, here’s the advice I received and followed.

So, it sounds like this library has essentially remained open during their renovation, at least in part by moving their children's collection to an adjacent building. …

…If they are not going to be completely closed for all of a year, and their "move" was temporary and minimal (at least in terms of distance), then it sounds like you would go through a terrific amount of work to make all of these changes for an event that may last at most a year, and then return everything to where it was.  Since the net effect is zero, I'm not sure what benefit would be gained from that effort.


This solution worked perfectly for the NM situation and may be of assistance to others.


Scott Dermont (IA)


Hi Eleanor,


This is a very different situation for us. The library in question has been demolished down to the girders and will be rebuilt on the current site. In the meantime, the entire library, collection and all, has been moved to an old storefront. It will take at least two years for the new library to be completed. They will then move everything back to the permanent location.


Frank Nelson (ID)


In my opinion, 2 years is not temporary.


Darla Gunning (CA)


This happens QUITE often in California and yes, the way you describe is what we try to do!


Katrice Stewart (FL)


Although not quite as often, this too is how we have handled  J


Robert Jones (IL)


Yes sir.


Carole Suizui (HI)


When the old Manoa Public Library building was demolished to make way for a bigger library in the same location, the library temporarily moved into two portable classrooms across the street at Noelani Elementary School.  They had a new physical address and the square footage was that of the combined square footage of the 2 portable classrooms.  They have since moved back across the street into their new building.


Scott Dermont (IA)


Thanks to everyone for your quick answers. I felt like I was doing the right thing, but I just wanted to make sure. This group is such a great resource!

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