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2012 SDC Annual Meeting Presentations

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December 11-13, 2012


New SDC Training

WebPLUSOverview2012_NewSDCTraining.pptx - Census


SDC Job Description .doc

State Data Coordinator Responsibilities.docx


A Year in the Life of a SDC - FY 2012


General Session

Dec2012_General_Session_WebPLUS.pptx - Census

Presentation_SDC2012_SwanD_2012-12-13 v2.pdf - Deanne Swan, IMLS


Concurrent Sessions

Edge_Intiative_IMLS_SDC_Dec2012.pptx.ppt - Jake Cohen, ULC

How_SDCs_use_the_Data_Susan_Mark.pptx - Susan Mark, WY SDC


IMLS: Feedback on New State by State profiles; Data Visualization - Justin Grimes, IMLS


Data Visualization (easy)
Google Fusion Tables - https://www.google.com/fusiontables

Tableau Public - http://www.tableausoftware.com/public/

List of data visualization tools - http://selection.datavisualization.ch/
Other data visualization: Geocommons, ManyEyes
Data cleaning: Data Wrangler, Google Refine
Color choices: Colorbrewer

Anything by Edward Tufte (Envision Information or Visual Display of Quantative Information)
Anything by Stephen Few (Show Me The Numbers)
Visualize This by Nathan Yau

Chart suggestions

Google Fusion & Tableau Tutorial Data


Other tutorials

Even more lists of tools:


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