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PLS FY2012 Review:  Bruce Pomerantz Mentor Group

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11/28/11 - This page now closed for comments.


Bruce Pomerantz (MN) Mentor Group:  IA, IL, KY, MI, MO, ND, NE, SD, TN, WI


Please post any comments regarding the below assigned data elements.  In order to post comments you need to be registered.  For FY2012 we will not be adding any new items.  Only deletions and changes to existing data elements.  When posting comments please identify the item by number and name with the recommendation to keep, change (with a new definition, rationale) or delete (reason for deleting).  


If you would like to post others for proposed deletion or change please include number and title of data element and link to data element wiki page.  Please give your recommendation to keep, change (with a new definition, rationale) or delete (reason for deleting). 


All Mentor Groups please see PLS FY2012 Review:  Other Administrative and Outlet Data Element Definitions to add comments, recommendations.


Data elements assigned for review:

Library Programs (600-605) / Other Electronic Information (650-651)

See:  Administrative Entity Data Element Definitions


The following items are recommended by IMLS for proposed change/deletion:



The following items reviewed by Census with comments provided:



The following items are recommended by SDCs for proposed change/deletion:



Comments (1)

BrucePomerantz said

at 6:45 am on Nov 10, 2011

For items relating to Number of Programs and Attendance:

Add for Program Count: Count as one program an activity organized by library staff which is completed by individuals on a self-paced schedule. Such activities may be referred to as passive programs. Example: A summer readng program where participants receive recognition for reading a certain number of minutes per week.

Add for Attendance Count: Count individuals that register or participate in a passive program, an activity organized by library staff but which is self-paced. Example: Two people register to committ to reading two hours a week. One checks in each week; the other checked in just once. The count is two.

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