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State Training

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This page is dedicated for the States to post their information they use to train staff and library directors on collecting data in their state.  Please identify your state first when posting.



Archived webinar on using IMLS/NCES comparison tools



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John DeBacher said

at 12:45 am on Jan 27, 2011

WI: On our Annual Reports information ( http://dpi.wi.gov/pld/annrpt.html ) page (as well as on the "portal" page for our collection vendor) I have placed links to our Instructions document (primarily definitions), instructions for using the LibPAS forms site, as well as a facsimile of the PDF form that is filled from the resulting data. You can get them from there. --John DeBacher, Wisconsin john.debacher@dpi.wi.gov

Jay Bank said

at 9:56 pm on Oct 10, 2013


Here are links to "What Goes Where in the Annual Report"

The pdf file: http://kdla.ky.gov/librarians/plssd/Documents/WhatGoesWhere.pdf
The spreadsheet (use as a template): http://kdla.ky.gov/librarians/plssd/Documents/WhatGoesWhere.xls

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