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New SDC Training and Information

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This page is dedicated to training for New State Data Coordinators.   


FY 2015 PLS Training: http://plsc.pbworks.com/w/page/104423980/IMLS%20Public%20Libraries%20Survey%20Training%20Schedule 


Please go to the latest SDC Annual Meeting presentation's page for New SDC Orientation information:

2015 SDC Annual Meeting Presentations

WebPLUS Overview, SDC Job Description, Survey Timeline, Brief History of FSCS, and more


IMLS, AIR and Mentor Contacts:  http://plsc.pbworks.com/w/page/7422646/Public%20Libraries%20Survey%20Contacts

Please feel free to contact any of the staff or your mentor if you have questions.  We are here to help!


General Training:


FY2011 Public Libraries Survey (PLS) WebPLUS Software Training  (Adobe PDF - PowerPoint created with Adobe Presenter)

This is a general training and not specific to a submission year. 


PLS Webinar5 FY11 expanded notes v3.pptx (PowerPoint) notes provided. 



General Information: 


PLS Survey information on IMLS web site:  https://www.imls.gov/research-evaluation/data-collection/public-libraries-united-states-survey

Publications, Data Files, Search and Compare tools


Definitions (PDF):  https://www.imls.gov/research-evaluation/data-collection/public-libraries-united-states-survey/public-libraries-united-1  Definitions are also on the wiki - see sidebar on right. 

Survey Design:  https://www.imls.gov/research-evaluation/data-collection/public-libraries-united-states-survey/public-libraries-united-0 




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