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713 Public Service Hours Per Year

Page history last edited by Kim Miller 10 years ago

713 Public Service Hours Per Year (actual hours; collected and reported out at the outlet level)



This is the number of annual public service hours for outlets (reported individually by central, branch, bookmobile and Books-by-Mail Only)


Note: Include the actual hours open for public service for centrals (data element #209), branches (data element #210), and bookmobiles (data element #211), and Books-by-Mail Only. For each bookmobile, count only the hours during which the bookmobile is open to the public. For administrative entities that offer ONLY books-by-mail service, count the hours that the outlet is staffed for service.  Minor variations in public service hours need not be included.  Extensive hours closed to the public due to natural disasters or other events should be excluded from the count.




Added to the Survey in FY2010 for those states able to collect.  All states will collect beginning FY2011.

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