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2010 Conference Information

Page history last edited by Kim Miller 9 years, 8 months ago

The December 2010 SDC conference will be: 

Tuesday, November 30 - Thursday, December 2


Check the weather in DC:   http://www.weather.com (zip 20036)



Westin Grand

2350 M Street, NW

Washington, DC  20037

(202) 429-0100

Free internet access in the guest rooms for SDC conference attendees!


   Larger Map


Closest Metro stop:  Foggy Bottom (Orange/Blue line), 2301 I (Eye) Street, NW (3 blocks south of hotel through Washington Square Park)

Reagan National Airport is on the Blue/Yellow line.


Restaurants in the Areas of:

Foggy Bottom 

Golden Triangle (to the east of the hotel by several blocks) 

There is a Trader Joes at 1101 25th Street, NW (25th and L). 


Floor map of Meeting Rooms (page 2)  FloorPlans_1013.pdf



The following information was emailed on 8/6/10 to SDCs (excerpt):


IMLS looks forward to hosting the annual State Data Coodinator Conference, November 30-December 2.  The conference will be held at the Westin Grand (2350 M Street Northwest, Washington, DC 20037; Telephone: (202) 429-0100).  Travel information will be sent approximately 2 months before the conference.


A draft agenda is attached.  2010 SDC Conference Agenda - draft.pdf   Thank you for your comments/suggestions from the 2009 SDC Conference evaluation.  Also, thank you to the  Library Statistics Working Group (LSWG) & LSWG conference ad hoc committee for their agenda review and contributions.


The 2010 conference will be a ½ day orientation for new SDCs and a 2 ½ day conference for all SDCs.  This year 2nd year SDCs are invited to hands-on WebPLUS training on Tuesday morning held for new SDCs.  The WebPLUS training is a 2 hour session on Tuesday, November 30, 10:15-12:15pm and will be held in the IMLS office.  A session  (Overview of online survey tool and a period for questions/discussion from key holders) for SDCs that are also State Library Agency (StLA) Survey Respondents (key holders) will be held on Thursday, December 2, 3:00-5:00pm. 


Please email Kim Miller (kmiller@imls.gov) with the following information: 


1.         First year and second year SDCs: please let me know if you will be attending the WebPLUS hands-on session (Tuesday, November 30, 10-15-12:15pm).


2.         There is an opening for a concurrent session.  Please send your suggestion(s) for one or two sessions during a concurrent session. 


3 .       Would like to present during the “Show and Tell” concurrent session (SDCs show how they are using public library data in their state - Concurrent Session I)?  We would like 5 presenters – 10 minutes each (giving enough time for a few questions).


4.         The Mentor session will focus mainly on existing problem data elements.  Please identify 4 PLS data elements that you feel need to be discussed.   IMLS will compile the lists for your Mentors for the top 4 problem data elements.    


There will be a social mixer on Tuesday evening at IMLS.  Please bring an X-large or XX-large t-shirt showing your state’s identity to the event if you would like to participate in an exchange. 


Many of you require a justification to attend the conference.  Please see the following page for information: Justification for attending Conference 


For those SDCs who are on the LSWG there will be a meeting in the IMLS office on Friday, December 3 (info to be sent later).  One LSWG SDC member’s term expires this year (December 2010), Ira Bray.  Hulen Bivin's has accepted the position of State Librarian in North Dakota.  His term was to expire December 2011.  Thank you to Ira and Hulen for your service on the former FSCS Steering Committee and the LSWG!  An election to the LSWG will be held during the conference.  The newly elected SDCs will be invited to attend the December 3rd meeting.  SDC Candidate Bios  



Extra SDC activities outside regular conference hours:


1. SDC Networking – November 30 (5:30-7pm), IMLS Office  (Please bring an X-large or XX-large t-shirt showing your state’s identity to the event if you would like to participate in an exchange.)


Separate Invitations from the below organizations will be sent to SDCs:

2.  Counting Opinions - a breakfast, December 1 (7:15- 8:20am), Westin Grand

3.  ALA – thank you reception to SDCs for helping with the Public Library Funding and Technology Access Study, Dec 1 (5-8pm), Westin Grand

4.  B&T Bibliostat – reception, Dec 1 (8-10pm), Westin Grand










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