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Percentage of collection expenditures spent on electronic materialsdigital units

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March 29, 2016




Kristen Stehel (UT)


Hi all,


Based on your most current state library data, what percentage of collection expenditures do your libraries spend on electronic materials/digital units?


In Utah, 2015 data shows 17% of collection expenditures spent on electronic materials/digital units.


•     17% on e-materials/ digital units

•     23% on other materials

•     60% on print materials


I would really appreciate anyone that could contribute to support my case study.





SDC Comments


Patrick Bodily (ID)




Based on our 2015 data, Idaho spent:

66.5% on Print materials

22% on Electronic Materials

11.5% on other Materials


Hope that helps,


Kristen Stehel (UT)


Here is a more accurate count:


•   17.2% on e-materials/ digital units

•   23.5% on other materials

•   60.3% on print materials

Stacey Malek (TX)


The most recent year I have available for Texas is 2014.


60% Print

23% Electronic

17% Other Materials


Nelson Worley (VA)


Stats for Virginia


                         FY 2013             FY 2014        FY 2015


Books                   57%                  55%                54%


E-Materials          20%                 22%               24%


All Others            23%                  23%               22%


Justin Maga (AS)


American Samoa Stats

FY13     FY14

48%      46%     Books

38%     37%      E-Materials

14%     17%      Others


FY15 Not available


Kristen Stehel (UT)


Thanks to all that contributed. Here are the average numbers showing how Collection Expenditures are divided: 


60% spent on Print Collections

20% on Other Materials

20% on E-materials


Bob Wetherall (DE)


When trying to compare these averages against Delaware averages, we were wondering if the national averages included state expenditures for eMedia.  Delaware is somewhat different in that all eBooks and most databases are purchased by the state and made available to all residents who have a public library card.  If the averages don't include state expenditures, then it's hard to compare them to our situation. 


I would appreciate it if those who contributed to the national averages could let me know if  you are including state expenditures.


Cathy Van Hoy (OK)


Oklahoma does not include state expenditures for databases and ebooks. The amount spent is what the library spends only.


Patrick Bodily (ID)


Idaho is the same as Oklahoma. We only included what the library spent.


Jay Bank (KY)


KY too


Thomas Ivie (WY)




Jamie Mott (IL)


Same for Illinois.


Jamie McCanless (WI)




Wisconsin libraries also report only their own expenditures for electronic content. The libraries are not paying for the actual licenses, though. They contribute an amount toward the contract for a shared collection available throughout the state.


Bob Wetherall (DE)


Thank you.



Amy Heebner NY)


NY does not include state expenditures, or regional system expenditures.


Joy Garretson (MS)


We do not include state expenditures on databases and e-materials.


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