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Roku Sticks

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February 5, 2016




Amy Heebner (NY)


I have some libraries that circulate Roku Streaming Sticks that provide access to streaming videos.  Would they count the individual videos as video-downloadable units, and then count the circulation of the stick as physical (not electronic) circulation?


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Jamie Mott (IL)


I would count the Roku stick as physical circulation.  As for how to count the streaming media, I guess it depends on how that media is available.  Is the stick providing access to a set of videos purchased by the library?  If so, those videos should be counted as video-downloadables.  If it is just to access content freely available or available through a subscription service, I would think that it wouldn’t count (akin to the Hoopla database situation).


Michael Bodily (ID)


I second counting the Roku as a physical circ.  The “streaming videos” that it provides access to are all Netflix and Hulu services that I’m assuming the library isn’t paying for subscriptions for.  As far as where to count the Roku in the collection, I don’t know where that would go. Question 454 maybe, but that’s up to interpretation.  To me, it’s similar to counting laptops or e-readers that the libraries check out to their patrons.


Scott Dermont (IA)


I would probably count it as one physical circulation. IT doesn’t contain any data, just provides access to Internet services. I wouldn’t count the downloadable stuff unless it actually gets used. So checking out a Roku that provides access to 100 videos is not 101 circulations. Besides, I doubt they could track usage on the Roku. If they are trying to count downloadable stuff, I would want more information before allowing it.


Amy Heebner (NY)


I found out that the library purchased the videos but they do not have a circulation period, so I think that means they can count video downloadables under collections and the circulation of the stick.


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