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Electronic Materials

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January 11 2016




Amy Heebner (NY)


Under the current definition of electronic collections would a library’s own digital collections count as collections under 456 (and if so, would it be one collection or could it count as multiple collections if they had multiple collections, ie city directories, scrapbooks, etc.)?  The general instructions for electronic collections say that they should not count items freely available without monetary exchange, but the instructions for 456-458 say, “An electronic collection may be organized, curated and electronically shared by the library, or rights may be provided by a third party vendor. An electronic collection may be funded by the library, or provided through cooperative agreement with other libraries, or through the State Library.”


SDC Comments


Jamie Mott (IL)


I think that the monetary exchange part is the key.  If it is freely available and there is no monetary exchange involved, I don’t think it counts regardless of what it is. 


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