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E-rate question regarding square footage

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November 10, 2016




Stacey Malek (TX)


Dear all,


Our E-rate Coordinator is getting questions regarding square footage verification for library buildings from an E-rate reviewer in response to an application from one of the libraries in our state.  The reviewer is asking us to independently verify the square footage of a library and have provided examples of acceptable documentation (below) that they will accept.  The problem is that our agency doesn’t have any of this documentation.  Do any of you collect/hold this information on the public libraries in your state?  Have you gotten these types of inquiries in regards to E-rate applications from any of your libraries?


i.      Documentation from the state library association;


ii.     Tax or municipal records indicating the square footage;


iii.    Construction documentation specifying the total square footage;


iv.     For leased spaces, copy of the lease specifying the total square footage of the library. 


v.      A letter from the architectural company for the library, attesting to the square footage information. The documentation should be on the architectural company’s letterhead or it can be an e-mail  sent to the applicant from the architect, containing the architect’s title in the e-mail signature.


We aren’t really sure how to proceed so wanted to see what other states are doing.


Thanks so very much for your help!



SDC Comments


Katrice Stewart (FL)


Good morning Stacey and all.


I’m glad you brought this up, Stacey. I’m serving in the E-Rate position in Florida as well now and have seen this conversation. We’ve not, as of yet, done anything at all to support this verification but wonder if we may need to think about. I’m wondering, though, how many libraries have faced this same delimea.  This may be the deciding factor for us in Florida.



Kathy Sheppard (SC)



I would not want to keep or maintain verification information on square footage here in my office, although of course I would always be happy to guide inquiries to the survey data.  Anyway shouldn’t the burden of providing that information be on the library that filled out the paperwork to begin with?  Libraries should be prepared to show proof of any kind of data submitted. 


We think some discrepancy must have occurred somewhere – like an instance of contradictory data – that has worried someone in the Erate review community – or some automatic check or sample has failed – something like that.  Maybe we wait and see if the issue goes away.







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