Performance Goals

October 7, 2015




Thomas Ivie (WY)


I am a new SDC and we are trying to come up with some performance goals for a newbie. They don't have to be elaborate and lengthy (simple and short is good), measurable would be a plus as well. Any ideas?

SDC Responses:


Michael Golrick (LA)


In my personnel planning document, it says:


As State Data Coordinator


For me, that first bullet means receiving the Keppel award annually (as a goal) and the Lorenz award biennially. The LAPAS thing is for Louisiana state reporting. The last bullet is a data based on our data collection cycle. It means that I have finished all clarifications with Census *before* I try to publish. There are even some clarifications that come from the proofreading process of creating that report which can result in further refinements of the PLS data.


Hope that helps.

Kristen Stehel (UT)


Here are mine from last year (my first year as SDC) 




1. Kristen will administer the annual public library survey. This survey provides key service measures that can be used to plan and evaluate library services. This data is submitted to the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).


2. Kristen will administer the state library agency survey. This data will be submitted to IMLS.


3. Kristen will produce highlights, summaries, factoids, and other reports for the State Librarian, Public Library Directors, Library Trustees, and others.


Expected outcomes: 


1. Public library survey completed and Utah receives the IMLS Keppel Award. The Keppel award is given annually to state libraries that submit prompt, complete, and high-quality public library data to IMLS.   


2. State library agency survey completed and Utah receives the IMLS Lorenz Award. The Lorenz Award recognizes state library agencies that promptly meet IMLS standards for the completeness, quality, and timely submission of their state library agency data in a given year.   


3. Production of at least one summary highlighting relevant library statistics and one highlighting factoids, as well as other reports upon request.